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Your time as a caterpillar has expired. 
    Your wings are ready.

Step into the fire of self discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.      


While they say that a rolling stone gathers no moss, in fact as we roll through life we gather an abundance of experiences.  Our reflections on those experiences gives us much to share.  Some of our "gatherings" might be wise and some might be foolish, but the sharing of these "gatherings" can be useful to others.

My "gatherings" come from a long and rich professional life which has included being an ordained minister, a licensed professional counselor, a professional social worker, and during the last few years exploring the world of life and spiritual coaching.  I have also had the good fortune to have enjoyed a long marriage to a wonderful woman.  She and I have two children and now five grandchildren. 

Officially I am enjoying the status of being retired.  Actually this opens the door for me to use my time in whatever way appeals to me.  At this time, I prefer to explore writing, researching, and doing some occasional consulting, coaching, and teaching.  My current project  is a workbook titled Authoring Your Own Life.   It is my intent to use this website to share my reflections and thoughts.  I hope my sharing will inform your perceptions, give you some food for thought and enrich your own living.

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